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Dive in to a Mediterranean diet! Consistently ranked as one of the best eating patterns for overall health!

More recently it has been acknowledged as one of the EASIEST diets to stick to, also! You can't go wrong.

1. Davis CD, et al. Nutrients. 2015;doi:10.3390/nu7115459

2. Miller J. Helio. 2021. https://www.healio.com/news/primary-care/20210104/mediterranean-retains-its-status-as-best-overall-diet.

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kelly flater, mppd rd ld


Kelly completed her education through Iowa State University, attaining a Masters in Professional Practice in Dietetics. Kelly began her career as a WIC dietitian. After some years of working in infant, maternal, and family nutrition, Kelly switched gears and moved into a clinical role. Currently working as a Clinical Dietitian at a local hospital, Kelly covers the areas of oncology, medical/surgical, nutrition support, and adult nutrition education.

With such diverse working experience, Kelly has formed an interest in healthy aging at all life stages, cooking, and cultural competencies. Understanding the world through culinary means is a fascinating way to connect with people.

Kelly lives with her husband and two pets (one cat, one dog!) in Ankeny, IA. She loves spending time cooking (and eating), traveling, and knitting (one of many hobbies).



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Image by Kara Eads
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