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Updated: Jan 14, 2021

Our first weekend in Dharwad, we were treated to an excursion to ancient Indian temples. Our tour guides, graduate students from the university – Austina and Jyoti, accompanied us to the Badami Caves and the Temples at Pattadakal. They were pretty cool to explore around and I got some great photos!

Our tour guides, Jyoti and Austina

Our tour guides, Jyoti and Austina

Memorable moment #1: It was about a 2.5-3 hour drive to the Badami Caves from the university. When we are faced with a drive like this – you have to plan your bladder. There is no stopping to use the restroom for multiple reasons. A) There are no restrooms. B) If there was, they would likely be very unsanitary. And C) Sqatting by a tree? I would, but they won’t let us do that and there are people everywhere!! Someone would get a show. So, I try my hardest to avoid a problem – pee before we leave and didn’t drink anything during the drive. Alas – around the 2 hour mark I start to feel the urge.  We still have a good 30-60 minutes of car ride left. AH! So, I sit there and try my hardest to think about something else. What’s a girl to do – and then of course our taxi driver decides to stop every so often TO HAVE TEA!! While I’m in the back having a stressful moment!! But, good news – I made it to Badami Caves without peeing my pants!! It was a miracle. There was a few of us that sprinted to the restroom as soon as we got there.

Memorable moment #2: At Badami Caves, there are monkeys


Memorable moment #3: Walking from the Badamin Caves to the museum attracted the attention of some local children. The walk required weaving our way through


Memorable moment #4: This photo!

Yoga pose!!

Yoga pose!!

Memorable moment #5: Our last stop for the day was the Temples at Pattadakal. And we got down-poured on!! We had to sprint to one of the temples for cover – but it was a refreshing moment, because we haven’t really had opportunities for physical activity since we have been here. It was worth it because the temples were quite a sight to see!

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