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Guacamole Any Way

Guacamole makes a great addition to so many meals - tacos, salads, enchiladas, chili, served on toast or with tortilla chips. It is also a great contribution to a pot luck or when entertaining guests. With this basic recipe, the options are endless for customization!

This recipe will scale up or down very easily. My rule of thumb is 1 lime for every 2 avocados, and 1 bunch cilantro for every 4 avocados. Definitely not a hard, fast rule - this recipe can work as a guide if you prefer less cilantro (or none if that is your thing), as well as less or more lime juice.

Base Recipe Ingredients:

4 whole ripe avocados

2 limes

1 bunch cilantro, leaves and stems


1. Cut avocados in half and remove pits. Scoop out flesh into a bowl using a fork – this will help semi-mash the avocado as you are scooping.

2. Cut limes in half and juice. Add juice to bowl with the avocado.

3. Stir using a fork until desired consistency is reached. Stirring with a fork will help break up large chunks and the lime juice will help smooth out the avocado. It may take 30 seconds-1 minute of vigorous stirring to get a nice smooth consistency. Stir less if you like bit a bit chunky.

4. Chop cilantro leaves and stems and stir in to avocado-lime mixture. Don't be scared of cilantro stems - they have wonderful flavor!! No need to spend any time pulling leaves off their stems.

Voila! So simple, and so delicious! I find this recipe doesn’t need any salt, as the lime juice really brightens things up. This base recipe is good all on its own if you want to keep it simple. For the times we are feeling a bit "extra" and want to add some fun elements to our guac, this basic recipe is the perfect blank slate to jazz up!

Optional add-ins:

- Diced tomato

- Pickled jalapeno

- Diced red onion

- Black Olives

- Bell peppers

- Corn

- Pomegranate seeds

- Pineapple chunks

- Salsa

- Sour Cream

- Shredded or crumbled cheese

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