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Oh, to have a cup of black coffee…

Updated: Jan 14, 2021

I will be heading back to the states soon…there are some things that I am DEFINITELY looking forward to and will NEVER take for granted again!!

  1. Hot shower…that doesn’t get the rest of the bathroom soaking wet

  2. Black coffee!! Since we left Goa…the coffee that we are served comes in a teeny tiny tea cup and has milk and sugar in it. It just isn’t the same!

  3. Structured driving conditions. This is one you won’t believe until you see it. I remember reading about how crazy the driving is in India before leaving…and it is. No one stays in their own lane. There are very few stop signs and traffic lights. Honking and flashing your lights is how they communicate on the road. Honking means “I’m passing you!” as well as “I’m comin’ round the corner!” and “Watch out people walking, I’m coming through!”. You also gotta throw in “Move cow, your in my way!” because often there will be a cow in the middle of the road that is just moseying along. The road is shared completely by motorbikes, cars, people walking, and animals walking. I’m amazed I haven’t seen a traffic accident since I’ve been here – it’s gotta be some kind of miracle!

  4. Fresh, raw fruits and vegetables! Oooohhh to bite into something crunchy and healthy. It’s unfortunate that our tummies just can’t handle the bacteria here! Fingers crossed, I have had no upset stomach or diarrhea since I have been here!! GO ME!

  5. Last, but most certainly not least – seeing my family again!! I miss you guys!!!

This list could go on – but no need to start complaining! These are things that we interns reflect on daily. One thing is for sure, there is a lot of comforts and conveniences in the US that people take for granted. There’s something to think about.

OH!! I need to add one thing –

  1. TOILET PAPER!! I carry my own, and sometimes you will see it if you stop at a really nice restaurant or hotel. But otherwise, there is a hose next to the toilet. Normally, they just hose down the area and call it good. So, if you can imagine, bathroom floors are always soaking wet.

So, let me fill you all in about how our second weekend is going here in Dharwad, India! Our first visit on Saturday was to what they call a rock garden. If I were to describe it, it is a mixture of art, history, education and nature.

This is one of the Indian art sculptures

This is one of the Indian art sculptures

The place we went to (not sure what it’s called because the name was in a different language that I don’t know how to read!) has 8 world records. I’m not sure what they are for exactly (again, language barrier). Bottom line – it made for a morning full of cool pictures and getting a glimpse at how Indians lived back in the day.

Our next stop was to a Buddhist Monastery. We got kicked out. So unfortunate because I was really looking forward to this! Apparently, because we are foreigners, we have to get permission from the government to visit. What the heck. We are always getting special treatment because we are foreigners.

Sunday rolls around –which is today for me – and it sounds like the plan is very similar to what we would do in the US! I’m excited! One of the grad students, Austina, is taking us out in Hubbli. We will be catching a movie! Mad Max is what were are seeing, so it will be in English! Then after that, we are going to try a good ol’ American fast food chain – Domino’s. From what I have heard – pizza is a bit different here. I heard they have a corn pizza. Hm…interesting!

Side note: Sorry for the lack of photos…WiFi here is very touch and go! If I manage to get more uploaded, I’ll post them!

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